Glazing the Clay Feet

After the bisque firing we went to the Southport Ceramic Studio to see the clay feet. We were really thrilled with the way they turned out, with strong imprints of toes and feet.

Glazing Clay Footprints (2)

Glazing Clay Footprints (1)

Glazing Clay Footprints (16)
Glazing Clay Footprints (2)close up

Everyone at the family day workshop had done a great job of rolling on the plants and there is a lovely mixture of both bold and delicate forms.

Glazing Clay Footprints (15)There are over 40 feet – including animal paw prints – that we will be able to choose from for the wall. We spent 3 hours painting on glazes and oxides and rubbing them into the delicate plant traceries.Glazing Clay Footprints (12)

2015-09-29 16.55.53

Glazing Clay Footprints (4)

Glazing Clay Footprints (5)

Under the guidance of Chris

Glazing Clay Footprints (14)

Glazing Clay Footprints (10)

Glazing Clay Footprints (8)

Then into the kiln for the final firing

2015-09-29 17.13.26

Once fired they look absolutely beautiful, especially against a plank of 7000 year old bog oak

2015-10-06 13.36.30

2015-10-06 13.43.17-1

Next stage is building the wall…



Clay Footprints Workshop

Last month we hosted a family friendly event at Ainsdale Discovery center where we invited members of the public to come and be part of the Sculpture Trail.

We displayed a selection of flora and encouraged people to choose the plants which they liked the best.

Family caly (2)

2015-09-13 10.33.24

They then used rolling pins to impress the plant into some clay

Family caly (5)

Family caly (1)

and then it was shoes off as people, large and small, created footprints in the clay…

Family caly (3)

Family Day Clay footprints (10)

Family Day Clay footprints (6)

Family caly (4)

Even our little furry friends making some too..

Family Day Clay footprints (5)

Family Day Clay footprints (9)

We then very carefully peeled all the leaves off…

2015-09-13 11.29.59

2015-09-13 10.21.33

2015-09-13 10.12.08

Family Day Clay footprints (11)

To reveal lots of fantastic clay feet impressions

Family Day Clay footprints (13)

Family Day Clay footprints (12)

2015-09-13 15.40.22

and lots of happy faces!

Family Day Clay footprints (4)

2015-09-13 11.55.25

A huge thanks to everyone who bared their feet to take part in such a fun filled day – and to our wonderful helpers Jayne and Melanie.

 2015-09-13 16.06.59 2015-09-13 16.07.24

Free Family Friendly Workshop

FREE family and pet clay workshop

Sunday 13th September 10.00-12.00 & 14.00-16.00

Ainsdale Discovery Center


The fifth sculpture along the sculpture trail will be located around the Formby Point area and relates to the prehistoric man and animal Footprints found in this area.

We are inviting members of the public, all ages, and their pets, to come and take part in creating a foot print which will form part of the permanent sculpture trail. We aim to create multiple footprints during the day which, once fired, will be imbedded in resin within a timber structure.

sc feet  1 sml

The Formby footprints are fascinating marks of people from another time –

Come and leave your own mark for future Sefton Coast visitors to enjoy!

This workshop is free and all ages are welcome and we are encouraging people to bring their pets to make animal foot prints.

Spaces are limited so please do book via this website or our Facebook page

Formby Footprints – Working with clay

  The Sefton Coast is an area of major archaeological and historical importance, one aspect of which is the Formby Footprints that date back to the late Neolithic era (7000 years ago). These human and animal footprints offer an insight into the people of that era, how they lived and what they did.

Inspired by this, Sian and Sarah are developing an idea which involves the contemporary inhabitants of Sefton creating modern footprints in clay – along with their pets.

footprints 1

Working with the wonderful Don and Chris from Southport Ceramic Studio, Sian and Sarah are exploring techniques and processes for working with the clay, which include inlaying flora into the prints and looking at the different glazes and oxidizing finishes to enhance the final pieces.

SC studio sml

sc feet  1 sml

There will be two workshops attached to this sculpture which will be family friendly and open to the public. People will also be encouraged to bring their pets to create animal prints for installing into the sculpture – a reference to relationship between man and animal over time.

The workshops will be free but places will be limited so reserving a space is essential. Once a date and location have been verified there will a call out for bookings so please do keep an eye out on this website and the facebook page Coastline Traces 2015