The Lizard bench update!

How wonderful to see some people and their furry friends enjoying the Lizard bench down Fisherman’s Path – we thought we would share :

dogs and bench 1

Sheila’s lovely furry faces Bertie and Elliot

dogs and bench 2

Geoff and Hannah with the incredible Nico

dogs and bench 3

Jayne with her perfect little Jack Russels, Florrie and Mavis

dogs and bench 4

Cheryl with the friendliest dogs ever – Winston and Monty

 dogs and bench 5

John with beautiful Luna.

Thanks so much for sharing these pictures! We love to see pictures of families and pets enjoying the sculptures so if you go visiting please do take a picture and share it with us via our facebook page:


Lizard Bench Installed on Fisherman’s Path

The Great Day has arrived for installing the Lizard Bench. We arrived early at Bridge Inn Community Farm to give the Lizard Bench a final buffing, then Phill and Adam guided it out to the van ready for the journey to the new home.

1 2

The Bench was carefully escorted out of the building

Bridge Inn FArm loading Lizard Bench (13)and onto Phill’s van with a hoist.

A sending off committee arrived with Thank You cards and after a quick photo opportunity ……

Bridge Inn FArm loading Lizard Bench (1)


we were off to the Natural England site, where the Lizards emerged….

installing the Lizard Bench (3)and were carefully loaded onto the trailer….



installing the Lizard Bench (6)We all piled in the Land Rover and set off for the site on the Fisherman’s Path….


installing the Lizard Bench (8)Sarah cleared the site……

installing the Lizard Bench (13)while the men watched….

installing the Lizard Bench (14)and the Lizards were loaded and lifted for the last time.

installing the Lizard Bench (16)


installing the Lizard Bench (17)The  Bench was finally set on its feet and settled into its new surroundings.


installing the Lizard Bench (44)

installing the Lizard Bench (50)

Inspecting the Bench and the First Sittings!!

installing the Lizard Bench (25)

installing the Lizard Bench (26)

installing the Lizard Bench (34)

Sarah’s celebration head stand!!!!

installing the Lizard Bench (53)The Lizards look at home

installing the Lizard Bench (55)

installing the Lizard Bench (46)

installing the Lizard Bench (48)

It’s a beautiful site!

  Thanks to: Sarah and Sian’s design and concept; Phill’s routing; Adams assistance; Bridge Inn Community Farm; Hobby Island mosaics; John Dempsey and the Natural England Team, Pete, Tony and Sophie!

Lizard Bench – behind the scenes

With such a good response and interest in the Lizard Bench, we thought you might be interested to see the Lizards’ journey and all the preparation that went in to creating the Lizard Bench, from concept and design, to  Phill and team working on the wood, the mosaic work and the installation.


The sand lizard is an endangered species that lives along Sefton Coast. They have incredible hearing and are masters of disguise, blending into the marram grass perfectly making it unlikely for you to spot one on your rambles. In mating season the male turns the most amazing bright green – a stunning display that bewitches the females. This is what  inspired us to create the colourful lizards on our bench.

mosaic workshop (7)

We selected a log big enough which Phill then cut to size using his saw mill and his chain saw.

2015-09-02 18.25.20

… with a little help from us!

milling wood 1

pHILL at the Yard (3)

Thinking about the three main visible sides of the bench we developed a lizard design which we then drew the on to the wood. Phill then used his router to cut out the shapes freehand.

wood yard Lizard in Progress (7)and the Lizards emerged…

wood yard Lizard in Progress (14)

wood yard Lizard in Progress (15)

Sanding down the wood till it felt wonderfully smooth ready for the mosaic workshop.

2015-08-24 15.43.23

We are thrilled to be working with Bridge Inn Community Farm in Formby on this sculpture. This is a wonderfully inspiring place where the clients run a farm with sheep and pigs, lots of vegetables and have a brilliant art programme where they create wonderful art. We has super support and enthusiasm from John, Karl and the rest of the team, who were thrilled to be part of this project.

We started them off with a workshop session, then left the bench with them so they had time to finish gluing mosaic tiles into all four of the lizards.

mosaic workshop (14)

mosaic workshop (10)

mosaic workshop (9)

mosaic workshop (15)

They all worked incredibly hard, coming up with some great ideas of pattern and shapes, using contrasting colours and finding the tiles which fit just right.

Meanwhile, we met the Natural England Team who took us off in their Land Rover to find a suitable site along the Fisherman’s Path Trail.

Lizard site (7)

Lizard site (10)

We  found a great site. It offers a chance to sit and relax, enjoying the beautiful surroundings. And who knows, the lizards may see the wood as a lovely warm place to bask when nobody is around.

 Finally we went back to Bridge Inn Community Farm to complete the grouting …

lizard grouting (3)

lizard grouting (2)

lizard grouting (1)

lizard grouting (5)

lizard grouting (4)

We then sanded back the wood and applied a fungicide, then the final touch of linseed oil and all was ready for the installation.

mosaic workshop (18)

Well done to a fantastic creative team!






Lizard Bench, finding a site

We joined the Natural England team to look for a site for the Lizard Bench. We set off in the Landrover ….

Lizard site (2)and found the perfect spot…..

Lizard site (6)

Lizard site (7)

People already use these fallen logs as a sitting place, so our bench will be perfect here.

Located just down from Freshfield station, along the Fishermans path, this location is right along the Coastal path and also the crossing of two other paths.